Yoga at temple

Hello, we are Hot yoga studio Garbha that is in Ichihara-shi, Chiba.


We have more than 30 yoga classes per week. Apart from these, we also offer a variety of interesting events at parks, cafes, temples, and so on. Today I'm going to introduce an event that you will probably like!


Otera yoga at Hoshaku-ji

"Otera" means "temple" in Japanese. This event features Yoga at a temple. You can enjoy yoga in the special temple atmosphere. It's totally different from the feeling you usually get  at studio. This relaxing yoga on the tatami, at a distance from urban life, may help you feel a sense of inner peace.

In addition, if held in the evening the class is accompanied by a crystal bowl performance (crystal bowl: an instrument made from baking powder). You can feel the vibrations from the sound echo through your whole body. It's fantastic!

If you're interested in our event and want to have a special experience, please contact us and check our website here

We look forward to seeing you!!(*^Д^*)