Mindfulness Yoga with Brooke: weekly Mon 18:30, Fri 9:00

From September, "Gentle Yoga in English" (英語でやさしいヨガ) changed names to "Mindfulness Yoga" (マインドフルネスヨガ).

The class is conducted in English, Japanese, or a combination of both languages, depending on student need.

Class theme changes in dialog with the students who participate in the class. The video I'm sharing here is from the beginning portion of a class on the theme: "Breathing Comfortably in Back-bends."

Since the participating student (who also gave permission to be videoed) is familiar both with my style and English, I spoke in slow, carefully chosen English.

I chose this theme, "Breathing Comfortably in Back-bends," in response to what I've observed in teaching, my own practice, and questions brought forth by students. Namely, I've noticed many people feel uncomfortable breathing in somewhat strenuous back-bends such as dhanurasana (bow pose).

In this class we approached the peak pose, dhanurasana, very mindfully, beginning with breath work (shown here), small and simple breath-linked movements such as cat-cow, back-bends supported by props (bolsters, blankets, blocks), and gentle but effective core work intended to invite the muscle groups that support back-bends (inner thighs, belly) to engage.

Throughout class, moment by moment, we checked in with our breath, always making sure to push up against our edges with the support of our best ally: the breath.

I hope to see you in class on Monday night or Friday morning.