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Hi! I’m Brooke, an instructor at Hot Yoga Garbha!

On Monday March 19 we started kids’ yoga in English here at Garbha.

Three lovely children ranging from age 6 to 10 joined in for singing, crawling, walking, running, jumping, lying down, and touching various parts of the body while moms (and one baby sister!) watched from bolsters in the back of the room.

Class began with moving different parts of the body in sync with the breath, followed by singing, “Hi, how are you? I’m fine,” as well as, “Hi, how are you? I’m tired,” to encourage students to explore their feeling states.

We passed a blinking microphone and pointy finger around so students could take turns playing the role of “teacher.” This meant they not only listened to but also spoke phrases such as, “Touch your toes,” and “Touch your knees,” and received encouragement when they expressed these in BIG voices.

Students practiced listening and responding skills with games like “Run and touch,” “What’s missing?”, basketball, and moving and stopping with music.

Finally, we enjoyed pair stretch work and quiet time (savasana) in a dark room, complete with superhero eye masks.

I had a great time, and I’m really looking forward to the next FREE demo on March 26. Come join us!




6歳~10歳までの三人のお子様は歌って(singing)、四つん這いになって(crawling)、歩いて(walking), 走って(running), ジャンプして(jumping), 仰向けになって(lying down)英語のみの環境で積極的に練習しました。


呼吸と連動した動きでウォーミングアップしてから、ジェスチャーを使って英会話のクラスでよく歌う “Hi, how are you? I’m fine,”だけではなく、“Hi, how are you? I’m tired,”も含めてみんなで歌いました。誰だって、fine(元気)の時のあれば tired(疲れている)時もありますよね。クラスの中では、自分の意思表示をできるような雰囲気づくりを心がけています。


そして、下の写真のような「魔法のマイク」と「魔法の指」を持ち、 ”Touch your toes,”「つま先をタッチして!」”Touch your knees,”「ひざをタッチして!」など、大きな声で先生ごっこ。英語の指導を聞くだけではなく、互いにコミュニケーションをとりながら英語を身につけていきます。

さらに、Run and touch, What’s missing?, Basketball, 音楽に合わせ動くゲームで英語を聞いて反応する練習もしてみました。